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June 15, 2020

Our podcast is very much about telling compelling stories, and we do this by grouping our episodes into short story-arcs that can be listened to alone or one after another.

On this page you can find a listing (and links to the episodes) of each of our story arcs so far!


Dungeons and Dragons

Our Dungeons and Dragons storylines follow the adventures of a trio of adventurers - The human wizard Pronce, the halfling fighter Bork, and the elven rogue Enothe.

Season One - The Children of Erivale

In our first adventure, Bork, Enothe and Pronce are introduced, and shortly after stumble across a sinister mystery in the small country village of Erivale....

Episode 1 - Pyromaniac Tendencies

Episode 2 - The Goblins Started It

Episode 3 - Behold! Apollonia Is Her Name!

Episode 4 - Pretending To Go Outside

Episode 5 - I Am Also The Night

Episode 6 - Of Flowers And Firebolts


Season Two - The Relics Of Meilar

Following their first adventure in Erivale, Enothe, Pronce and Bork are drawn into a strange battle with an evil cult, that takes them into the dark forest in pursuit of a stolen holy relic...

Episode 8 - Madness In The Cells

Episode 9 - "...For The Trees."

Episode 14 - On A Dark And Stormy Night

Episode 15 - The Tumble In The Temple

Episode 16 - Frustration and Folk Tales

Episode 17 - "Oh, Aye?" "Aye"

Episode 18 - Warning Shot

Episode 19 - A Good Name For A Druid

Episode 20 - BYOT (Bring Your Own Trouble)

Episode 21 - Catastrophic Taint Failure

Episode 22 - The Tomb Of Grazak


Season Three - Rates of Change

In pursuit of the Cult of the Bleeding Eye, Pronce, Enothe and Bork find themselves drawn into a magical catastrophe that they cannot explain...

Episode 36 - The Green Flask

Episode 37 - Pronce's Purloined Portrait

Episode 38 - Back On The Road

Episode 39 - Rates Of Change

Episode 40 - We're Going To Need A Bigger Bork

Episode 41 - A Matter Of Time


Mini-Series - The Quest For The Tideblade

Sentenced to serve hard time in the most secure prison in Vallanna, the human wizard Marie, the tiefling bard Roxie, and the dragonborn barbarian Obadiah find themselves carried along with the escape of notorious pirate captain Pete Smiles, and into his quest to find a legendary magical weapon...

Episode 55 - Sentenced To The Crag

Episode 56 - The Dead Elf's Verse

Episode 57 - The Sunken City of Ión-Tarnis


Mini-Series - The First Ascent

Young aspiring explorer Jackson Black has a plan to make his name by climbing the highest summit in the Drakeseat Mountains - The Winged Peak! He enlists the help of wandering adventurer Ruby, and pub-landlady/ex-rogue Meg, but they soon find out that the expedition may be more complicated than originally planned...

Episode 69 - Jackson Black's Great Expedition

Episode 70 - The Ascent Begins

Episode 71 - The Last Dragonslayer


The Halls of Xenden

Elven cleric Faen, Aarakocra druid Erebus and Genasi sorcerer Celeste find themselves drawn together under extreme circumstances as the call to adventure beckons unexpectedly...

Episode 72 - Harvest's End

Episode 73 - Fairytales & Fortunes

Episode 74 - Into The Dark

Episode 75 - The Obsidian Sphere

Episode 76 - The Luminous Void

Episode 77 - A Vision In The Library


Star Trek Adventures

In a very special crossover with our friends from the Spocklight podcast, we played a short storyline using the Star Trek Adventures RPG system. The storyline is set in 2285, at around the same time as the movie Star Trek - The Search For Spock. The crew of the USS Aristotle must investigate a desparate call for help from a transport ship near to the Klingon Neutral Zone...

Episode 10 - Starfleet Academy Class of 2017

Episode 11 - The Philosopher And The Bird

Episode 12 - In The Footsteps Of Fletcher

Episode 13 - Imprisonment And Liberation


In a special one-shot episode, set in 2377, we met two of the crew members of the USS Tenzing - Lt. Leera Murphy & Ensign Jonny Conought, as they embark upon the most dangerous voyage a Starfleet officer can make - Returning from a conference in a shuttlecraft!

Episode 68 - Accidental Away Mission



Continuing on from our 'Accidental Away Mission' one-shot above; with the Dominion War long over, and the prospect of peace once again in the United Federation of Planets, Starfleet Command looks to new horizons once more. The USS Tenzing, following a long-overdue refit at Earth, is assigned to explore a region of space in which the Federation has never gone before...

Episode 78 - Homecoming



Star Wars: Saga Edition

Our Star Wars story follows the exploits of the daring pilots of Tempest Squadron - Klyne, Kortez and Thnock, as they desparately fight for the Rebel Alliance against the evil Galactic Empire, in the days following the destruction of the Death Star.

Season One - Tempest Squadron

Episode 25 - Yavin Exodus

Episode 26 - The Mission To Thrasis VII

Episode 27 - Welcome To Regis City

Episode 28 - The Hunt For V

Episode 29 - The Ugnaught Infiltration

Episode 30 - Flight Of The Tempest


Call of Cthulhu

Family Ties

The year is 1934, and in the secretive seaside town of Twynham-on-Sea, mysterious and disturbing incidents abound. Enter three unlikely individuals; each with their own reasons for visiting the town - WW1 soldier Barnard Hardcastle, Entertainer Madam Sway, and Archaeologist Alistair Fentworth. They soon found themselves drawn inescapably into the strangeness of Twynham-on-Sea...

Episode 42 - An Evening Arrival

Episode 43 - Signs Of Some Strangeness

Episode 44 - Unshielded By Faith

Episode 45 - Putting Thoughts Aside

Episode 46 - Reflections In The Rain

Episode 47 - A Night At The Theatre

Episode 48 - After The Fall

Episode 49 - Caliban

Episode 50 - Suspicion & Memories

Episode 51 - Interrogation & Investigation

Episode 52 - Offices & Operating Theatres

Episode 53 - Breaking & Entering

Episode 54 - Family Ties


Things From The Flood

The year is 1994, and we're back in the seaside town of Twynham-on-Sea. In the 60 years since our Call Of Cthuhu story, the town has been mostly quiet, apart from the nearby construction of the Wessex Reactor Complex and its Accelerator Loop. Not all is well in the town however, as teenage friends Hazel, Sora and Antony are about to find out...

Episode 58 - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Episode 59 - The Sign

Episode 60 - Girls and Boys

Episode 61 - Saturday Night

Episode 62 - It's Oh So Quiet

Episode 63 - Truly, Madly, Deeply

Episode 64 - My Name Is

Episode 65 - A Things From The Flood Vivisection

Episode 66 - Torn

Episode 67 - End Of The Road



In the small country town of Cerne Abbas, two unlikely Shadowrunners have been hired by the pub landlord to help save a young woman from a life of indentured servitude.

A special 4-part storyline, run by our own D&D wizard, Eden.

Episode 32 - The Inn and The SIN

Episode 33 - Eastenders and Eggplants

Episode 34 - The Tourist and the Tunnel

Episode 35 - The Money And The Mute


The End Of The World

In a special two-part story, our D&D players Eden, Mark and Jason play as themselves in the real world, as an alien invasion brings their town down around them.

Episode 23 - Escape From The Studio

Episode 24 - The Cross-Town Caper